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Professional In-Home Pet Sitting

Why use our services? According to the American Human Society, most pets are happiest when at home with familiar things they know. Their familiar surroundings, smells, and sights helps keep them calm when you are away. That is why it is beneficial to keep your pets at home, and have us come to you. 


Home sitting is the veterinary recommended method. You and your pet will have less stress from not having to drive to and from a kennel. In addition, at a kennel there is the risk of wounds and exposure to other illnesses/infection that other animals might have. Many times these 'doggy day spas' are overcrowded and understaffed. Why take the risk? Let us come to you so you can enjoy your trip or concentrate on what you need to do while you are away. 


Boarding facilities are typically small cages where your animal is locked up for most of the day and night. The kennel or facility may be too noisy, dark at night, dirty and unsanitary and unfamiliar to your pet. Keep your animal safe at home with familiar surroundings. Have them eat the food they are used to on the schedule they are used to. Let us come to you and serve your pet while you are away.


Cats benefit from in-home sitting. While cats seem very independent, they love attention and affection while you are away! Some cats may have special diets. Cats prefer to have their water refreshed every day and their litter box cleaned everyday especially if there is more than one cat in the house. Our professional pet sitting services includes feeding, water, and litter box cleaning. Don't forget the love and attention, we will play and pet 'Fluffy' while you are out. Other services include medicine administration, nail trimmings, brushing, soft paw application, and more.   


Dogs love our attention! Dogs require human interaction even more when you are away. Most dogs are not potty trained and need to be let out 2-3 times a day. Medium and large size dogs greatly benefit from the daily walk in the park or even just down the street. Dogs need socialization because they are social animals. They can suffer from anxiety and loneliness, let us come to you and take care of 'Fido'. Our service includes feeding, water, poop cleanup, letting them out to relieve themselves, lots of love and playtime. Additional services are nail trimming, dog walking, administering medicine, and more!


It's not only about 'Fluffy' and 'Fido'; we understand your house is your home. We will keep it clean and safe. Our staff is fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you need us to take in the mail, water plants, adjust lights/blinds, take in or out the trash just let us know. We can help keep your home safe and tidy for you and your pets. Give us the chance to give your pets professional service and personal care. CALL or EMAIL US TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! 

Keep your animals safe and your house safe with our pet sitting services
Save Lives! Spay & Neuter your animals in case they get loose.
Californa State Registered Veterinary Technician equals a trained and professional pet sitter
Liscensed, insured and bonded pet sitters. Professional member of Pet Sitters Associates for peace of mind.
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