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Animals are my life! With a lifetime of loving animals and years of veterinary experience, you can rest assured that I will give you professional service and your pet quality care. As a licensed registered veterinary technician and 'fur baby' mom myself, I know the proper and caring way to administer medicines, check glucose levels, trim nails.... you name it! 

In-Home Pet Sitting 


Pet Sitting


Feeding & Water Refreshing


Cleaning the Litter Box


Love and Affection


Play Time


Adjusting the Blinds/Lights


Taking in the Mail


Taking in/out the Trash


Watering the Plants


And More!

Optional Services


Medicine Administration


Subcutaneous Fluids


Dog Walking


Special Diets


Glucose Level Reading


Medicine Injections


Nail Trimming


Soft Paw Application


Grooming (call for services offered)


Pet Taxi


And More!



How It Works


Give us a call to schedule a time we can meet face to nose. We provide a one on one meeting where we can discuss the pet sitting services required. We can learn about your pet's routines, feeding habits and favorite toys! 


If we are a fit for you and your animals, we can provide the excellent service that you would expect for your pet.


A typical visit will last between 25-30 minutes. If you need a longer visit please let me know. I recommend that dogs receive 1 - 3 visits per day. Cats and other animals usually require 1 or 2 visits per day. Kittens and puppies should receive 2 - 4 visits per day to make sure they are OK and not getting into too much trouble! 


*Holidays, short notices, multiple pets, fractious animals, etc. may be extra. 

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